Our People

2018 - 2019 Board Members and Staff


  1. Danette Beare - Board Chair
  2. Tim Almond - Vice Chair
  3. Lois McLaughlin - Treasurer
  4. Catherine Corcoran - Secretary
  5. Jane Pettapiece - Privacy Officer


  1. Bev Dadson - Director
  2. Lori Konings - Director
  3. Dina Kritzer - Director
  4. Ian Docker - Director
  5. Elyse Critchlow - Director
  6. Vacancy - Director
  7. Vacancy - Director

Staff Members:

  1. Kourtney Richardson - Director of Hospice Services (Leave of Absence)
  2. Catherine Corcoran - Manager of Hospice Services
  3. Taylor Westman - Interim Coordinator of Support and Counselling
  4. Taylor is very familiar with NPCH, as she was first introduced to Hospice as part of her Thanatology program, working with Sue Qureshi to complete her practicum 2 years ago, and later joined Hospice as a visiting volunteer in the palliative program. She has since obtained an Honours Double Major Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Thanatology from Western, as well as a Certificate in Loss, Grief and Bereavement from Western University.

Thank you for your interest in NPCH!